Best Team Compositions for Albedo and Tips

Albedo is a 5-star Geo sword wielder in Genshin Impact, this is his 3rd rerun in the Version 3.1 Update. With his ability to apply loads of consistent off-field damage thanks to his Elemental skill, he is great for many team compositions. Albedo has strong synergy with Duel Geo-Based teams, Geo supports and DPS making him vital for any Geo-based team composition. In this guide, players will be instructed to prefer some team compositions in Genshin Impact with Albedo in the mix.

Best Team Compositions for Albedo in Genshin Impact

1. Duo Geo team comp

Duo Geo team comp
Image via Keqingmains
Damage Shielder Support Sub-DPS
Xiao/ Hu Tao Zhongli Albedo Xingqiu

Zhongli and Albedo work well together, most of the time if used correctly. Both can apply great off-field damage and talking about Albedo’s Skill, it applies no to little geo status on his enemies. Thus, it leaves no window open for elemental interference for other reactions. For example, Hu Tao and Xingqiu vape comp. This team composition works well with Hu Tao or Xiao and the extra shielding Zhongli provides to characters like Xiao

2. Geo Quickswap Team Comp

 Geo Quickswap Team Comp
Image via Keqingmains
Damage Support Shielder Crowd-Control
Ningguang Albedo Zhongli/Gorou Venti/ Kazuha

This team composition, as the name suggests, is a team with quick rotations of short durations. This comp minimizes rotation for maximum DMG output, as most Geo characters have short bursts cooldown, making it fast for team rotation. As for the other two slots, players may use Zhongli for Shielding or Gorou for Geo buffs and Venti/Kazuha for Crowd control.

3. Full Geo DEF team comp

Full Geo DEF team comp
Image via HoYoLab
Damage Shielder Buffer Sub-DPS
Arataki Itto Zhongli Gorou Albedo

This is the all-out Geo team comp, as the synergy between these geo characters is awesome. It can pump out a lot of DMG, Gorou is known to be the best Support, which synergies very well with Itto, Zhongli for shielding and lastly, Albedo for that sweet off-field damage. The only thing this team is missing is that it is weak against air units. If players are dealing with something like Golden Wolflord or Rifthouds. There is no window to survive, as the shield doesn’t protect players from Corrosion.

That’s all for the best team compositions for Albedo in Genshin Impact. Let us know in the comments below.

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