Dead City Shows Cast In Exciting Trailer

AMC has finally given fans a glimpse at their new zombie laden series, The Walking Dead: Dead City, and it features zombies falling from the sky.

A new teaser trailer for the latest in zombie TV from AMC, The Walking Dead: Dead City, has been unveiled. The trailer features Jeffrey Dean Morgan reprising his fan-favourite role as Negan, dealing with inclement weather. The trailer can be seen below.

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In every season of the critically acclaimed AMC zombie series, it always seemed as if zombies were literally coming out of everywhere, and this time they’re even falling from the sky. Showrunner Eli Jorné is joined by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Lauren Cohan and Gaius Charles in the series spinoff. This iteration of the series brings beloved characters to a locale they’ve not explored yet, New York City.

Eli Jorné says, “It’s The Walking Dead like we’ve never seen it before. We haven’t really lived in a city like this,” with “It’s New York; there’s skyscrapers up to the sky and a million and a half walkers. And for characters like Maggie and Negan, who’ve been running through the woods for a long time, it’s just a whole new world that’s just extremely claustrophobic, scary, and also, as you’ll discover, has pockets of survivors, you’ll get to see all the strange new ways they live in the apocalypse, it’s definitely like nothing you’ve seen before,” Deadline reports.

The Walking Dead Dead City Shows Cast In Exciting Trailer 23032703

The series is set to be a six-episode limited run, also starring Jonathan Higginbotham, Mahina Napoleon, Trey Santiago-Hudson, and Charlie Solis. Although there are many The Walking Dead adaptations, this is the first genuine sequel to the mainline AMC series, and it picks up where the series left off. Fans won’t have to wait much longer for it either, as it releases on a TBD day in June 2023.

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