Devolver Tumble Time Beginners Guide and Tips

Devolver Tumble Time is a puzzle and monetization game, developed by nopopo and published by Devolver Digital. The genre of puzzle games has various sub-sections. The Devolver Tumble Time is a match of three or more genres of puzzle games. The game used a unique combination of gravity and puzzle mode. In this Devolver Tumble Time Beginners Guide, we are going to do a detailed walkthrough of the game, and explain the basics with additional tips and tricks.

Gameplay Overview

As soon as the player enters the game, the player can see a circular devolver tumble in the middle of the screen. A character named fork parker will be our virtual assistant in guiding us through the game. There is a circular tumble in the center of the screen. Few game characters will fall into the tumble in a random manner.

Devolver Tumble Time Beginners Guide
Image via Devolver Digital

They are set into place by gravity. There is no specific pattern or organized arrangement for the match-three puzzle. The game’s basic gameplay is that the player should tap and hold onto a character with three or more similar characters in its immediate vicinity. When the player taps and holds on to those similar characters they pop and add points to the game. This is just the basic working of the game. There are many other features that will be mentioned below.

Introducing the basics of Devolver Tumble Time

Devolver tumble time is a match of three or more puzzle games. The player can see a circular tumble in which there would be different characters in repetition and a few other entities like bombs. To play the game, the player has to tap and hold on to characters that have three or more similar characters nearby. Then the selected characters will pop and clear the way while giving the players points.

Basics of gameplay
Image via Devolver Digital

When the player taps on characters of a few specific numbers, bombs will be created. There are a few different types of bombs. Each type of bomb has a specific number of match character numbers to be activated. When the player taps on the characters that they are playing a bar fills up at the bottom.

When the bar fills up, a special move will be activated. Special moves depend on the type of character equipped. Every level in the game has a specific goal specified before the game starts. If the player finishes the goal, then the number of seconds remaining will be added as bombs in the game and add extra points.

In-game features and characteristics

Along with the main game, the game has a few other features on the homepage.

  • Character: On the main page, the center of the screen has a character. This is the character chosen by the player. This chosen character represents the game lead at the left bottom of the screen when the players play the game. The character chosen will also represent the special power of the game. Once the bar at the bottom of the tumble fills up, the player can tap on it to activate a special move to clear the tumble and win points. The type of special move depends upon the character chosen.
  • Levels: Right below the character icon, the players can see a levels icon. Upon clicking on this the player will be led to the main gaming part of the game. Upon clicking on this the player will be shown the goal of the level along with the power-ups available for the game. The player can change the character here. If the player presses on a play he or she will be led to the game.
  • Event: On the left bottom of the screen, the player can see an event icon. In this, the players can access special gaming levels. Upon playing and participating in these event game levels, the players can win rewards, new characters, boosters, etc,
Devolver Tumble Time
Image via Devolver
  • Asset Bar: On the top of the screen, the players can see a series of six icons of different assets shown with symbols of the asset and the number representing the number of assets the player owns. All the assets can be earned by playing the levels. Few assets can be gained by finishing missions and collecting rewards like daily rewards.
  • Menu Bar: Right below the asset bar, the players can see the menu bar. In this, the player can see a weekly rewards icon, the trash pull icon which is a purchase from which the player can get rewards, premium pull, which is a little costlier, and the mailbox, where the players can see all the notifications, recipes, and letters. Recipes are instructions about how to make special characters and entities in the game.
  • Lives Bar: On the top left side of the screen, the players can see five hearts. These represent the number of lives the player has. Every time the player loses a level, they lose one heart. Hearts are regenerated over time.

Devolver Tumble Time Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Devolver Tumble Time is a simple and entertaining puzzle game, with a mix of physics to add to the essence of the game. Here are a few tips and tricks to get started with the game:

  • Strategically tap and hold on to characters to make other similar characters form a bigger chain.
  • Always look at the goal of the level and try to finish quickly for a better score
  • Keep noticing the possibility of the creation of bombs and special moves for a better score.
  • Keep upgrading the main character for better special moves.

On an overall basis, it is a fun game and a perfect match for people who love puzzle games. So go ahead and give it a try and if you ever have trouble understanding the basics, you can always refer to our Devolver Tumble Time beginners guide for tips. Happy gaming!

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