How to set up the Minecraft Jenny mod

There are a plethora of mods available for Minecraft that make the overall gaming experience more enjoyable. Among these mods that have recently risen in popularity is the Jenny mod, which adds Jenny as your virtual girlfriend in the game. This guide lists every step you need to take to download and set up the Jenny mod in Minecraft.

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Where to download Minecraft Jenyy mod

Downloading the Jenny mod for Minecraft is pretty straightforward. You need to download the New CurseForge app from the CurseForge website and get the mod from

How to set up Minecraft Jenny mod

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To set up the Jenny mod, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Launch the CurseForge app.
  • On the app’s home screen, select the “Create Custom Profile” option from the top right corner.
  •  Here, select Minecraft version 1.12.2, Game Type forge. Give the profile a desired name, and click “Create.”
  •  Once the profile is created, head back to the home screen and select the created profile from the dashboard. 
  •  After opening the created profile, click on the three dots beside the “Play” option. This will prompt a drop-down menu where you need to select the “Open Folder” option.
  •  Load the downloaded file of the Jenny mod.
  •  Finally, head back to the created profile and click on the “Play” option.

Once you successfully follow the steps mentioned above and launch the game, you’ll have Jenny ready to be your partner in crime in your journey. Additionally, she isn’t just a normal NPC and possesses impressive abilities such as teleportation and healing skills that make using the mod worthwhile. That said, the mod is only available for version 1.12.2, so you won’t be able to utilize it in other versions.

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