Pokémon UNITE leaks reveal five new upcoming Pokémon

Pokémon UNITE has recently released a variety of new characters including the pseudo-legendary attacker Dragapult, the powerful punching all-rounder Urshifu and Sableye the sneaky supporter. Recent leaks have revealed five new upcoming Pokémons at once, which are the most Pokémons that have ever been leaked at once. This article will cover all of the leaked Pokémons and their potential capabilities. Please note that leaks do not confirm the final result in the game, meaning the release of these Pokémons isn’t guaranteed.

Upcoming Pokémons as per the Pokémon UNITE leaks

Here are the new Pokémons that may be released in Pokémon UNITE next:


According to El Chico Eevee’s tweet, Goodra is possibly the next Pokemon to join the game. Goodra is a pseudo-legendary dragon type that has three stages of evolution. With a great amount of special defense, meaning Goodra is likely to be a defender.

Pokémon UNITE leaks Goodra
Image via The Pokemon Company


Chandleure is a fire and ghost type pokemon that is suspected to be an attacker that uses special attacks due to its high special attack stats in the mainline Pokemon games.

Pokémon UNITE leaks Chandelure
Image via The Pokemon Company


Tropius is a grass-and-flying type Pokemon that has no evolution stages. Because Tropius has a well-rounded use of stats in the mainline Pokemon games Tropius is suspected to be an all-rounder.

Pokémon UNITE leaks Tropius
Image via The Pokemon Company


Inteleon is a water type from the Galar region that was one of the three starter Pokémon and had three stages of evolution. Inteleon has both a high speed and special attack stat in the mainline Pokémon games so the Pokémon could either be a speedster or an attacker that uses a special attack. Inteleon will also be a ranged character due to using a water gun in the mainline Pokémon games.

Pokémon UNITE leaks Inteleon
Image via The Pokemon Company


Unlike all the other Pokémon being sourced from El Chico Eevee’s leaks, Sudowoodo is rumored to be an upcoming Pokémon from a separate source that is covered in the YouTuber SuperTeeds’ video.  Sudowoodo is a grass type and has great defensive stats, meaning it is likely to be a defender

Pokémon UNITE leaks Sudowoodo
Image via The Pokemon Company

Final Thoughts

These recent leaks have been the most leaked characters for Pokémon UNITE the community has ever seen. We look forward to seeing more upcoming information on these characters such as their attacks, classes, and abilities.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming Pokémons according to the Pokémon UNITE leaks? Let us know in the comments below!

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